Tui Teka gives award to home town of Tokomaru Bay

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

The community of Tokomaru Bay acknowledged one of their very own Tui Teka, after he won the Way of the Horse Challenge at the inaugural Equitana event in Auckland. The most international equine event in the Southern Hemisphere.

"I'm very excited to be able to bring back my winning trophy from Auckland to my home town and it's really awesome to see the locals are happy for me too," says Tui Teka.

Dressed in full Equitana costume Teka put on a bit of a show for the locals to show them why he was the winning horseman in Auckland.

"He does it so naturally a lot more naturally than I do," says his mother Davinia Teka.

"It's good to see he's representing it, you know he's always been a natural on the horses old Tui but it's good to see him doing good," says Tokomaru local Wirihana Kururangi.

He won the Way of the Horse Challenge where he was given four days to break in a wild horse.

Teka grew up with horses and has a solid background in rodeo and has recently been turning his hand to equestrian.

"This is where I learned how to ride horses and how to connect with them so it's awesome to come back and see my family and my iwi who are also fellow horseman as well," says Teka.

Next year he'll be back at Equitana Melbourne, but this time as a special invited guest.