Topic: Politics

‘Trust the polls’ says former Press Gallery Reporter

By Kawekōrero
  • Auckland

Former Press Gallery Reporter, Roihana Nuri, says that we should trust the polls.

An internal Labour Party poll has them at 23%, a Colmar Brunton poll had them at 24%.

Andrew Little told his Party he'd resign, the Party said no.

Nuri spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters saying “This is pretty tragic for the Labour Leader.”

“If he's going to resign, he should resign. If he says he's just thinking about resigning then, what's the point?”

Furthermore says Nuri, “We should trust the Colmar Brunton poll because it's similar to Labour's even though there's 1% difference in the two” and “The Colmar Brunton goes out ever three weeks and we should look at that because for the past 20 years they've been collecting the thoughts and aspirations of the nation before the election”.

Nuri says there should be concern about the Left because current percentages are showing Labour can’t run on their own nor can the Greens because of the bickering between them.