TriMāori continues to grow as huge numbers turn out at Lake Karāpiro

By Tamati Tiananga
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

This year's TriMāori Series for 2014 is all about whānau having fun and encourages everyone to be active.  Many families flocked to Lake Karāpiro in support of this great cause.

It was a festive day at the TriMāori competition in Cambridge this weekend.

Tama Potaka says, “The main thing is that everyone arrives and returns home safely, that they're happy, that's the priority.”

People of all ages took to the road.  “It's good to see whānau supporting the cause to improve and look after their health and also to strengthen relationships, things like that,” says Te Mauri Apiata. 

Over a thousand participants from across the country entered this year’s event. 

Potaka says, “Whether they're here to participate in events or here to support - as long as they're smiling and happy, cheering on the athletes, listening to music or just admiring the scenery of Lake Karāpiro.”

According to Apiata, “There are several sports events happening today, some are new, some are short distance and some are designed for teams of three and others are for individuals which is the event I entered in.”      

Many entrants took time out to cool off while others enjoyed the entertainment. 

Organiser Tama Potaka says TriMāori is about getting more active in health. 

“Health and well-being is the ultimate focus, so if you want to be part of these events, do it, don't be like an octopus, be like a shark and go get it,” says Potaka.

It's proved a success for everyone.