Tragic drowning in Northland

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

To Northland where a body has been found close to where a fisherman went missing on Saturday, north of the Maunganui Bluff.  It's yet to be confirmed whether it is the missing fisherman who was swept out to sea while fishing with two other family members.

The search continues on Northland's west coast today for a man lost at sea, with the bereaved family saying they're only lucky all three men weren't lost.

The family says they are grateful to the young men and women who risked their own lives to bring surviving family members to shore.  One survived and one is deceased, while their brother-in-law is still missing.

Today the deceased lies in state on Waikara marae, while early this afternoon the police announced they had found a body on the southern side of Maunganui Bluff, but they are yet to confirm who it is.

The family wish to thank Adam Slade and his friends who risked their own lives to bring two of their family members to shore and would like to warn all those holidaying at the beach this season to be vigilant.