Tracey Stewart to head to Pacific Regional CrossFit Championships

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

She's been named New Zealand's top seed for the upcoming Pacific Regional CrossFit Championships.

Hailing from Ngāti Rangi in the Far North, Tracey Stewart is counting down to when the competition kicks off.

Sport is a passion of this Ngāti Rangi woman, and it's also her bread and butter as a physical education teacher at Tikipunga High School.

Stewart says, “I think it's a special character of this school in particular.  Everybody here is real whānau orientated and you feel like your real well supported when you need help and when you're doing something really awesome that they can be proud of so it’s awesome to be able to be a role model for the kids here.

At 29-year-old, it's been over three years now since Tracey first saw CrossFit.

“I came across crossfit and all of a sudden I'm going to Australia four times a year and it just blew my mind that there could be something that would provide those opportunities for you once you've kind of, to be honest, like missed the boat in terms of making it in netball or making it in a competitive sport,” says Stewart.

Next week this Ngāti Rangi representative heads to Woollongong in Australia as New Zealand's No.1 seed to take on 40 of the top CrossFit exponents from New Zealand, Australia and Asia for the top placings in the Pacific region.

The top five athletes from the Pacific will get entry to the Carsen Crossfit competition in Los Angeles, America.

“The last couple of years I felt like I'm cramming for an exam to try and get all of those movements, well in some cases, learnt.  Whereas this year I feel better prepared so I think I've achieved the goal of going in a bit more relaxed and a bit more calm and knowing what I have to do and that I'll be able to do it.”

It may be and individual sport but this woman has the support of thousands behind her.