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Tougher than tough on Auckland's city streets

  • Auckland

In light of the recent report by Homelessness Steering Group that indicates homelessness in Auckland has doubled in the last two years, Rewa Harriman caught up with one man who has spent nearly two decades sleeping rough.

In the hustle and bustle of the big city, time seems to stand still for one man.

Alan Hamilton from Ngāpuhi explains, "It’s just like you just sit in one place and everything is happening out there and nothing is moving for you."

This has been Alan Hamilton’s home for the past 18 years and he says there are still a lot of things unseen or even worse ignored.

"There’s more chaos that people really see because no one knows what goes on out here, there are children twelve, thirteen years old living in the parks."

Sleeping rough is still a struggle for the Ngāpuhi man, a struggle he shares with young and old.

Alan says, "I get what I can and I save most of it for the kids, to feed them I just keep a little bit for myself."

Alan takes our reporter Rewa Harriman around Victoria Park and explains the situation.

"Nobody looks after them, they run away from their homes to get away from situations that they’re in, and they come to the city which is the worst place, because out here is dangerous.

He’s been here for about two years now, and this is where we put our gears, there are a couple of bags up here that you can see.  That’s where they put their blankets."

Despite his hardships, Alan continues to hold on to the last bit of hope he has, "There’s a tunnel and a little light but it’s going there and walking through that tunnel and it’s a long way.”