Topics: Education, Te Reo Māori

Tolaga Bay Area School takes up Mahuru Māori

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Tolaga Bay Area School and Kahukuranui are getting behind the kaupapa of Mahuru Māori, where only Māori is spoken for the entire month of September. 

"Yes it is a challenge but it can be done. Our ancestor’s spoke Māori and today it's dying, it's mainly English that is spoken these days," says year 10 student Uenuku Kohatu.

"It's helping to develop the Māori language at home as well," says year 8 student D'vante Tuapawa.

All teachers at the school are also encouraged to get involved regardless of nationality.

Pele Takurua  says, "Because we have our European teachers here is it a challenge, but we can write things down on paper if they don't understand what we are saying. But some of them are really putting in effort with their pronunciation, phrases and words that they know."

She also says, "We've just finished our level chart, for the first week and the second week right up to the very last day of the month, and when they all reach that they will achieved a lot."

The aim is to make Māori a normal part of everyday life no matter what month it is.