Tipa Mahuta refutes National election rumors

By Mānia Clarke
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Tipa Mahuta has refuted rumours that she will be standing against her older sister, Hauraki-Waikato MP, Nanaia Mahuta, in next year's general election. The Waikato Regional Council Deputy Chair says her sights are fixed on retaining her Māori seat on the WRC and election on the Waikato District Board. 

At Waahi Paa amongst her whānau and people is where Tipa Mahuta's heart is. She's keen to return as the Ngā Hau E Whā Māori representative on the WRC and is seeking a seat on the Waikato DHB, and not a position in politics.

Mahuta says, “Its fine for me to stay at home and pass on the knowledge I have to our youth. I would not be able to do that from Wellington or any other place, firstly. Secondly, my family is too young for me to be away in Wellington.”

Waikato kuia Mamae Takarei says, “This noble idea came from her ancestor Te Puea.”

In August, political commentator Willie Jackson speculated on Kawe Kōrero that Tipa was considering standing as a Māori Party candidate at next year's election. 

“Tuku (Morgan) may be talking to Nanaia's younger sister, Tipa. “

But Tipa Mahuta refutes that.

“When my dad was alive, he said you (Nanaia) will represent the people nationwide.’

There is only one other competing for the Māori seat, and based on last term's landslide win by 1700 votes, Tipa is expected to retain the seat. 

Whakakitenga Deputy Chairman Whakahawea Rapana says, “She will challenge someone when she thinks what they're doing isn't right. She'll address it and she has a broad view outside the box. She isn't narrow minded.”

After the ballot election, which closes at noon this Saturday, the results will be confirmed.