Theatre: The Wholehearted takes a collaborative approach

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

The Wholehearted is not your average theatre production, its cast of seven talented actors who all helped to create, direct and choreograph the final product.

It's a contemporary portrayal of the power of love, a production that takes the live audience on a surprise journey.

"We've all got to work as one to move the audience with us where ever we go because it is quite an eclectic story so you've got to take the audience with you and push them around and move them around as one unit instead of just the singular spaces," says co-director Scotty Cotter.

That production is a collaboration created by all the actors themselves.

"Being called the wholehearted and making the show devising it ourselves there is always something quite special about devising it because you have ownership of the show, " explains actor Kura Forrester "we made it all together it wasn't like a scriptwriter came in and gave it to us and then you're putting on a character I'm basically playing myself up there."

"Normally it's like one lead one major player, we are all the leads together we're all just having fun and look after each other up on that stage," says Cotter.

A show that touches on living in the social media era, finding love and coming out the other side of losing it.

Winston Peters daughter Bree Peters who is also part of the cast says "Wholeheartedness they say isn't necessarily about you being wholehearted and then you're there it's sort of about even in the good and the bad, like how can you still push through? You know, it's a bit of a journey."

The show is part of the Harcourt’s Hawke's Bay Arts Festival.

"It's really important to bring to the regions and to give an opportunity for young people to kind of see themselves on stage to see their stories and their issues addressed," says festival director Pitsch Leiser.

The Wholehearted is presented by Massive Company and heads to Christchurch and Dunedin next.