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Te Whakatōhea descendant takes lead role in Aladdin Jnr Broadway production

  • Australia

Over 70 young and talented performers from Young Australian Broadway Chorus will bring the Disney animated tale of Aladdin to life on stage next month in Melbourne. But it will be 15 year old Cody Green of Te Whakatōhea descent who will take the lead role.

He’s the youngest of four and his mother Tracey Green says he was born for the role, “We are very proud of him, and we thought we’d enrol him into the musical theatre course to keep him off the streets."

For the past 7 years this has been his passion, grooming his talent through Stage School Australia.

Almost 200 kids throughout Victoria state in Australia auditioned for a part in Disney’s Aladdin Jr Live stage show to feature in the magical tale – portraying a charming street urchin from a mythical Arabian past who befriends a Genie and steals the heart of Princess Jasmine.

Sasha Iwanick from Stage School Australia says, “It’s huge for us, we wanted to get as many kids as we could, but it was a cast of 70 that we needed."

Cody has been described as a triple thread, which was the perfect criteria for the lead role, “His singing ability is incredible, he can dance and act, that’s what stood out” says Sasha.

The Artistic Director at the YABC, Robert Coates believes, “It's going to be a spectacular show. A huge cast of singers and dancers, hundreds of costumes and beautiful scenery, with a special touch of theatrical magic. It's so wonderful to work with such a talented young ensemble of performers."

And while the lead actors mother, Tracey humbly played down her sons success, she says “It is a stepping stone for our boy to bigger things.”

The YABC is a dynamic musical theatre course for 8 -18 year olds in Australia, providing an exciting mix of tuition and on stage performance. Working each week with a professional music director and dance director to improve their technique, confidence into performances.

Disney’s Aladdin Jr Live on-stage show will be held at the Union Theatre, Melbourne from July 8-11.

Below is some You Tube footage of the talented youths.