Te Whakatōhea concert rings in the New Year

By Maiki Sherman
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

The serene voices of Te Whakatōhea descendants kicked off the New Year concert beautifully with up and coming and talented songstress, Ramari Sherman.

She says, “this is a great honour for me and is a small contribution on my part to the Iwi.”

This is an inaugural event for Te Whakatōhea. Held over three days it included sports events and tribal history lessons.

Chair of the Organising Committee, Thomas Mitai says, “The hope is this event will be held annually. This is the beginning of something special for us as descendants.”    

The event is alcohol and drug free, with organisers saying the focus is all about getting to know one another.

Mr Mitai says, “I can see the families are enjoying themselves, the children as well as the adults. No alcohol, no drugs, just a fun day for us as Māori, for us as Te Whakatōhea.”

Ramari says,“ this is a wonderful event we have been waiting a long time for our own unique celebration for our people and I am extremely happy for our generation and those to come.”

It's certainly a good way to start the New Year, 2015.