Te Taitokerau MP scoffs at reports Iwi plan to charge for access to Te Oneroa a Tohe

By Te Kāea
  • Northland

Te Taitokerau MP, Kelvin Davis has scoffed at claims and reports that Iwi plan to start charging people for access to Te Oneroa a Tohe - Ninety Mile Beach.

Kelvin Davis spoke to Te Kaea last night and says he has contacted the Chair of Te Rarawa, Haami Piripi who assured him the claims were false.

He says, Te Hiku Iwi who will begin co-management of the beach next year with the council and community board members are not interested in making a profit, but are focused on revitalising the kaimoana and taking better care of the popular coastline.

Davis says, “Iwi have worked with the community and council on issues like this for years.“

Iwi are considering limiting the number of heavy vehicles that travel along the beach in a bid to help protect the Toheroa beds, however Davis feels this will be a very difficult goal to enforce.

While he agrees there should be more care taken to protect the area other means besides limiting vehicle access to teh beach would be worth investigating.