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Te Tai Hauāuru musicians to take centre stage at Matariki concert

By Ripeka Timutimu
  • North Island: West Coast

A group of musicians from Te Tai Hauāuru have won the chance to take centre stage at a special Matariki concert at Te Papa Tongarewa.

The group, Hauāuru will be singing alongside 3 other winners and well known musicians Ria Hall and Rob Ruha.

Leonie Matoe says, “Our biggest goal is to sing about our people of Te Tai Hauāuru, about the place and the things that go on there.”

Tonight they will be part of a special Matariki concert at Te Papa Tongarewa.

Ora Hohaia says, “We are so excited, humbled and lucky to be able to perform tonight.”

According to these musicians, through groups like Hauāuru, Māori music is growing from strength to strength.

Rob Ruha says, “Maisey and I have been all over the world and despite the fact our audiences don't know what we are singing, they can hear the spirit in our song. A good song is a good song, it doesn't matter what language it’s in.”

Rob says that traditional compositions can also find a space in contemporary music like this.  The concert will be held free of charge at Te Papa Tongarewa at 7pm tonight.