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Te Reo Māori on the menu at Wellington cafe

updated By Ripeka Timutimu
  • Wellington
A reo Māori cafe, Wharewaka in Wellington - Photo / file

Despite there being no new money for reo initiatives in this year's budget, a Wellington cafe is putting their money where their mouth is by using te reo Māori in their everyday business.

The Māori Language Commission says it's food for thought, and a great example of reo revitalisation in our communities.

Commission spokesperson, Gareth Seymour says, "Our language shouldn't just be heard in schools, or on the marae.  It should be heard everywhere, in places like this throughout New Zealand."

The cafe's signage and menus all have Māori translations, with several staff also being able to speak te reo.

"Customers, staff and the business all benefit from this Māori language initiative," says Seymour.

Customers can visit Karaka Cafe located in the Wharewaka building on the Wellington waterfront.