Te Matau a Māui waka receives much needed makeover

By Numia Ponika-Rangi
  • North Island: East Coast

Double-hulled waka 'Te Matau a Maui' was lifted out of the water into dry dock this week, for a makeover.  The waka has spent the last two years sailing the Orotu Harbour and has clocked up over 4000 miles, so its caretakers say a makeover is definitely overdue. 

The waka has been used as a tourist experience, a training vessel, a place to teach and learn about waka sailing and the sea.  This week saw the raising of the waka from the water.

Te Matau a Māui has a few events to attend in the coming months, therefore the makeover is all part of the preparation process for those events.

The makeover in dry dock will take about ten days, and the crew are ever hopeful that they may one day sail the vast oceans of the world to the homelands of Hawaiki.