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Te Matatini ticket sales surpass expectations

updated By Heeni Brown
  • South Island

There are only two days until the opening of the national Te Matatini festival being held at Hagley Park, Christchurch.

The venue can hold around 10,000 to 12,000 people.  While the numbers aren't quite the same as the last Te Matatini festival in Rotorua, it's not all about size.

Te Matatini is looking positive and ticket sales are on track.

Executive Director of Te Matatini, Darrin Apanui says, "The key for us is that our ticket sales actually are over our expectation, we're looking at four days to have 20,000 people and we're well over that."

The facilities are being set up and the groups are on their way.

“The stage is breath-taking, it's so beautiful.  The carvings are radiant and the stage is magnificent,” says Piki Thomas.

Tomorrow the venue will be ready for all the nation to see.

Chris Gillies says, "Certainly for the South Island, people in general for local iwi but also Pākehā who do decide to come along to the event, they're going to be amazed by the performances."

Apanui says, "If we were trying to compare our show in Te Arawa, then what we do in Tairāwhiti, to what we do here - we can't compare.  I think the key is working with the rohe committees early and understanding where they want to take the hosting so that we can join together and make a really good show."