Topic: ANZAC

Te Kauwhata pillars commemorate ANZAC soldiers

By Numia Ponika-Rangi
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Pillars have been erected to commemorate the soldiers from the district of Te Kauwhata and the Waikato region.

Reject concrete from tunnel projects in Auckland were recycled for this project.

Te Kāea spoke with the project co-ordinator and one of the soldiers who went to war.

Back-to-back, depending on each other, acknowledging unity as the district of Te Kauwhata commemorates the ANZACs from the region.

Bunny Tumai of Ngāti Naho says, “It's great that this memorial has been erected as a commemoration for the soldiers who went to war.”

Bunny Tumai served in Vietnam, he had two relatives go with him.

Dick Quin was one who passed on, but he heard and saw that his own name was written on the plaques.

“My family laughed. We thought that only those who passed on are named on these plaques.Then they explained one side is for those who passed on and one for those who are still alive,” says Bunny.

David Hosking of the Lions Club says,”We've got over 200 names of those who served from the area over the last 100 years and we felt that it was significant.”

The new soldiers' memorial was conceived and erected by the Lions Club of Te Kauwhata and districts.

It was made from five concrete segments, each weighing 10 tonnes.

Project co-ordinator David Hosking says it would have been too expensive to build from scratch.

David Hosking says, “Five concrete segments, which were rejects and destined for landfill, are now making a nice memorial for us.”

This project was used to connect young people to ANZAC and students designed the symbols and structure