Te Kāea Political Wrap

By Maiki Sherman
  • Auckland
  • Wellington

Despite Parliament being in recess for two weeks, politics within the Māori arena continue to surface. From the appointment of a new CEO for Māori Television, to one Māori MP's very first bill, Te Kāea political reporter, Maiki Sherman takes a look at the movements in the Māori political realm this week.   

He's been honoured for his work in education and as the Māori King calls on kōhanga reo to gather together, Sir Toby Curtis has some advice. 

“We need to be courageous and appoint some younger members to the board. Secondly, I don't believe those members should be appointed for life.”

However, it seems the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. According to The Kōhanga Reo National Trust, Tukoroirangi Morgan is a director of Te Pātaka Ōhanga.

“I am not a director of the company, Te Pātaka Ōhanga” states Tukoroirangi.

In other news, it seems the Mana Party is also somewhat confused as to whether or not they'll work alongside the Internet Party, and German mogul, Kim DotCom.

“If he's committed to his stance that he will fight John Key and National, we are here as close allies” said leader of Mana Party, Hone Harawira this week.

In the Hawke's Bay, Ikaroa Rawhiti MP, Labours Meka Whaitiri has launched her first bill aimed at protecting the Tukituki river.

And despite Labour's criticism, Paora Maxwell has taken up the challenge as CEO of Maori TV.

“I want Maori Television's good work to continue” says Paora, whose timely appointment came just in time, for Māori TVs 10th birthday celebrations today.