Topic: Elections

Tax cuts could become part of Nationals policies this election

By Maiki Sherman
  • Wellington

Prime Minister John Key says that tax cuts could become part of National's election policies heading into the general election.

He adds the tax cuts would target middle-income earners, which could become a real possibility with a budget surplus to be revealed tomorrow.

With a budget surplus to be revealed tomorrow, the Opposition is calling for those in low socio-economic situations to reap the benefits. However, Bill English remains tight-lipped, and instead it seems the surplus may be used by National to entice voters.

The Budget was eaten up by a printer today and ended up in the bin, no doubt something the Minister will be hoping won't be repeated tomorrow.

Public servants have definitely felt the pinch of a tighter belt in order to fatten up the budget. That aside, the Opposition says it wants the benefits of that surplus to trickle down to those in low socio-economic situations feeling the strain of unemployment and low wages.  

The Prime Minister says the new money should perhaps instead be aimed at tax cuts for middle income earners, an idea National is considering taking to elections. 

As the saying goes, 'although small, its benefits can be great', and tomorrow we'll see whether that rings true regarding the budget surplus or if it's simply hot air.