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Tautoko FM returns to the airwaves despite tragic fire

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

Not a week has passed since Radio Tautoko FM in Mangamuka was burnt to the ground and they've already begun broadcasting again.

Staff at Tautoko FM have been in a reflective mood since their station was lost in a fire.

Station head, Cyril Chapman said, "There's been so many positives about what's happened.  You know no-one's got hurt we're broadcasting again.  We've managed to pull ourselves together, we've had a whole lot of people wanting to awhi us."

The community are still awaiting reports from both the Police and the Fire Service into the cause of the fire.

Chapman confirms that the station had insurance for the building and their equipment.

Staff predict a maximum timeframe of a year for Tautoko FM to be fully rebuilt as a resource for the people of their district.

In the short time since, they've received massive support from across the nation and internationally to make this goal a reality.