Topic: Kapa Haka

Tāmaki’s bid for 4th team at Te Matatini

By Wepiha Te Kanawa
  • Auckland

Te Waka Huia, Ngā Tūmanako and Te Rōpū Manutaki are the top three groups of the Auckland regionals but now representatives are appealing to Matatini for a fourth group to be included.

The two groups that were disqualified during the competition meant that only three groups made it through to Matatini instead of four.

One group was disqualified for having too many performers on stage and the other was disqualified for having an under-aged performer.

However, an appeal is being made to Matatini, stating that the underage performer was actually a baby being held by its mother and never actually performed.

If Matatini do uphold the appeal and Auckland are allowed to send a fourth group to the national competition, that group will be Te Manu Huia.