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Tāmaki Housing Group to protest against housing regeneration plan

  • Auckland

A protest against the Government’s Regeneration project and its plan to transfer 2,800 state houses to the Tāmaki Redevelopment Company (TRC) will be held today in Glen Innes.

The Tāmaki Housing Group are holding the protest and claim TRC is not working to make the communities impacted by the arrangement better.

According to a statement released by the Tāmaki Housing Group, “TRC have silenced the voices of community members who are concerned with their future through a lack of consultation and they have not been upfront about their role in the redevelopment with the people directly affected.”                                                      

The Tāmaki Housing Group has also raised concerns over the main shareholders of TRC which include the Auckland Council, Minister of Finance Bill English and Minister of Building and Housing Nick Smith.

As well as 1.2 billion worth of property the government will loan TRC $200 million over five years as part of its plan to add 5000 more to the Auckland housing stock. Over half of the new houses will be sold to help offset construction costs, and the remainder will be retained as social housing.  

In an interview with Native Affairs the Minister responsible for Housing in New Zealand, Bill English expressed confidence that the families in the area in need of social housing would benefit from the plan and the goal was to give hard working families the opportunity to purchase their own homes.

He said, "there will be probably 4 or 5000 houses owned by private owner occupiers that is people out there with jobs with incomes who want to own an affordable home in Auckland, we have no objection at all about making better use of the government land and having some of it sold off in order to allow low and middle income housing to be more available in Auckland.” 

Peter Fa’afiu from the Tāmaki Redevelopment company was also interviewed on Native Affairs and said his organisation had been in operation for 2 and a half years and had re-developed 11 houses in partnership with Housing New Zealand.

Fa’afiu told Native Affairs, that in terms of tenancy management, TRC "did not have that experience in-house" however expressed the process would take time and was confident his company would be able to meet the requirements of the plan, “the shareholders which include Len Brown, Nick Smith and Mr English have guaranteed that as long as you are in need of a social home you will have the opportunity to remain in a social home.”

Currently there are almost 8000 predominantly Māori and Pacific people living in the homes that will be impacted. 

The Tāmaki Housing Group will hold its protest today at 12pm and has called on all state house tenants in the areas under the plan to join the protest if they share the same concerns.