Topic: Housing

Take a bow Te Puea Marae

By Mānia Clarke
  • Auckland

Te Puea Marae has concluded its homeless programme, Manaaki Tangata. The South Auckland marae opened its doors three months ago helping over 60 placements into shelter.

It's been three months of tireless work.

Resources team leader Johnboi Kukutai says, “I'm feeling a bit sad because it's coming to an end, but I'm feeling happy because we have achieved something to New Zealand and proved to the government that our marae has done a better need for our homeless people.”

Volunteer Mona Kiingi says, “I'd like to say to everybody out there in the community, put your hand out to those type of people and help them.”

From today, the marae will no longer receive donations but the giving will continue.

“Over the last two weeks, we've had all our clients come back to do their last bit of shopping, food, and clothing. To make sure that when they go at least they got bulk food so that they can last them,” says Kukutai.

Manaaki Tangata began its exit strategy earlier this month. However, four other homeless initiatives will receive the surplus resources and money donations.

Four containers will be half filled with food and clothing, with the surplus donated funds of $98,000 going to the Hamilton Homeless Trust, Wiseguys Support Group for Men and Women in Franklin, Manurewa Marae and He Korowai Trust in Kaitaia.

Māori Warden Tamati Henry says, “Slowly our staff are starting to put stuff away and I'm saying, what's happening, why are they putting all this stuff away?”

“The volunteers, we've probably had over 672 people from Hamilton, people from Waitangi, from Hokianga, all the way from Cambridge, we had a couple from Christchurch. People we've had through Manaaki Tangata, we've had 187 people,” says Kukutai.

The surplus resources will be handed over after the closing karakia ceremony at the marae next Wednesday.