Topic: Te Reo Māori

Students take up 40 hour Te Reo only challenge

By Leah Te Whata
  • Auckland

Students and teachers from Te Huringa Rūmaki Reo are being challenged to speak Te Reo Māori only for 40 hours to raise funds for their camp later this year.

"We have to speak Māori only for 40 hours because we're raising money for our camp in term 3," says Te Huringa Rūmaki Reo student Kairangi Honetana-Paea.

Participants are anticipating that although it's natural to converse only in Te Reo Māori at school, it could be a different story when entering public spaces.

Student Sapphire Rakatairi-Rakuraku says, "Before I came here I went to a school where the whole school only spoke Māori, and when I go home my mum speaks Māori to me."

According to Te Huringa Rūmaki Reo teachers, they're hitting two birds with one stone - raising funds for camp as well as promoting Te Reo.

Teacher Lisa Takuira says, "Our biggest hope is that the students continue speaking Māori once the challenge is over. Whether they're at home, no matter where they are, we hope that they carry their reo with them at all times."

The challenge commenced at 8 this morning and ends at midnight tomorrow.