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Stewart prepares for Pacific Regional CrossFit competition

By Aroha Treacher
  • Australia

Only one more day before the three-day Pacific Regional CrossFit competition begins.  The Australia Regional has been renamed the Pacific Regional which now includes Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

But the big change is there are now five berths available instead of three to qualify for the CrossFit Games in America.

Te Kāea caught up with our top ranked female CrossFitter Tracey Stewart who's got her eye on one of those spots.

Only the top one percent of 262,036 athletes that competed in the open qualified for the regionals phase and Stewart is one of them.

She's come all the way from Whangarei, where she trains at Far North CrossFit and teaches at Tikipunga High School.

Te Aho Mahanga says, “Within the years, she's helped me to develop my skills within self-confidence and within sports, oh she's just awesome.”

Connor Mackie says, “I think she's quite fun and I'd say is staunch in what she wants to teach, she's quite stern with us, but still in a funny way.”

Juggling a full-time job while still being an elite athlete has seen Stewart build a solid fan base back home.

Mich Tawhi Thomas says, “I am so stoked for Tracey! She worked so hard at her CrossFit programme and she's so passionate and it shows to everyone here in Tikipunga.”

Charlie-May Clark says, “She is so fit and really healthy.  It's good to see, she eats well. I want to be just like her.”

Finishing this year's open at 11th place, she is looking to improve on her regional placing from last year.

With a roll of almost 400 students, it's clear to see Tikipunga is backing their star teacher to go all the way.