Shopping spree for humiliated Hamilton mum-to-be

updated By Te Kāea, Wepiha Te Kanawa
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

The Hamilton mother-to-be humiliated by staff at a Dinsdale supermarket has been treated to a shopping spree. 

Rikki Cooper was accused of stealing food from Countdown last week and was publicly embarrassed over the store's intercom.

Following an apology by Countdown, Ms Cooper was allowed to take anything she wanted out of the shop, with the final shopping bill totalling over $3000.

Yesterday, shoppers of Hamilton's Dinsdale Countdown were shocked to hear how a young pregnant Māori woman was harassed and humiliated by Countdown staff members while shopping. 

Rikki Cooper told the Waikato Times that while she was shopping she heard over the intercom, "Quick CCTV down aisle one, two Māori girls are down there."

Shortly after that, "The main one is the Māori girl with the big bag on her side." 
Cooper told the paper she was embarrassed and knew immediately they were talking about her.

Countdown has apologised to the woman and her family, but shoppers here at Countdown Dinsdale thought what happened was shocking and unacceptable.

Countdown has issued a statement saying they are disappointed and shocked, and they've apologised to the young woman and her family. 

On Friday, a Countdown spokesperson personally apologised to Rikki Cooper and her family.  Countdown say they believe she appreciated that they were genuinely sorry for what had happened.

Countdown has also launched an investigation into the incident, but couldn't go into detail about that for privacy reasons.