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Shem Perkins drums up huge fan base online

  • Australia
Image of Shem Perkins from his Facebook page

Young Shem Perkins is only five years old but his musical talent and skills on the drums far exceed his age.

You could say Shem was born to shine in the world of music as his father Te Omeka, his uncle Isaiah and his grandfather Carl are all key members of talented and renowned band, House of Shem who are responsible for a number of hit albums and singles, which include; Thinking About You, Keep Rising and Move as One to name a few.

The band is made up of a number of Perkins whānau members as well as others and while the group  always has a busy schedule they always take the time to nurture and encourage Shem in something he is obviously, extremely passionate about.

Shem's father Te Omeka says he picked up his drumming skills from his older brother and continued to perfect his craft and practice.

Shem who currently lives in Australia has been on tour with the band and regularly jams with them at rehearsals.

Online videos of the young star in the making, grooving to the music and dealing to his drum kit have gone viral online and he has a Facebook fan following of over 4 thousand that continues to grow.

His shoulder length curly locks and ability to bounce to the rhythm while confidently hammering out the technical skill to keep up and play to the beat, along with his huge smile all add to the appeal of this young boy who is rapidly gaining followers around the world.

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