Seed blossoms for Puawānanga opening

By Numia Ponika-Rangi
  • Auckland

In 1987, a seed was sown by the then Board of Trustees of Glenfield College to build a whare wānanga complex on the school grounds, and it came to fruition today.

Despite 26 years having passed since its conception, that seed blossomed today as the school's current board, students, families and supporters, such as the Lion Foundation, celebrated the opening of Te Puawānanga.

Te Puawānanga stands alongside the dining hall "Kimiroa" which was built 15 years ago and has been alone since. Dubbed a "Place of Learning", Māori protocols will be its guiding principles.

Although this stage of the project is complete, the job of adorning the house, and giving it colour and a Māori essence, will be up to the students and staff.

Māori Television will be following the progress of Puawānanga very closely.