Topic: Housing

Rotorua mother struggles to find rental property for whānau

By Mere McLean
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty
Melanie Groves of Rotorua

Melanie Groves says there is a shortage of rental properties in Rotorua, making it a real struggle to find one for her whānau.  She has been looking for a new home to rent since November when she received a notice saying she had to leave her current property.

“As the sole provider for my little family, you take the time away from providing for them and creating income, so that you can go out and look for rentals, so you can go out and view the properties, so you can go online and see what’s available, says Ms Groves. 

Groves calls Rotorua home and doesn't want to move out of town, but feels she may have to in order to seek better accommodation.

“For about four hundred dollars, and in some extreme cases five hundred dollars, I’ve viewed some houses that have been in some really run-down states and it makes you wonder how they justify by being able to ask for that price.”   

Ms Groves talks to Te Kāea's Waiariki reporter Mere McLean about her struggle tonight at 5:30pm.