Rotorua dad worried about son's future following school suspension

By Mere McLean
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Richard Paul (Rotorua) has been fighting to get an education for his 11-year-old son after he was suspended from Kaitao Middle School in September.

The school has said they are not willing to take him back because he's a danger to others. 

It's been a month since Richard Paul's son was expelled from Kaitao Middle School.  

Paul has had five meetings with the school and his son has been stood down twice this year but all he is asking is for help from the school to educate his son.

However the school does not want him back as they believe the boy is a danger to himself and others.

The principal of Kaitao Middle School did not want to appear on camera however Mr Rory O'Rourke said the school has applied to the Ministry of Education for the student to be part of the Correspondence School.

“Kaitao Intermediate knew about his problems.  That's why he had a counsellor there for his behavioural problems and his anger issues but that was not even considered,” says Paul.

With the school year almost coming to an end, his father says that he is worried for his son's future.

“I believe if he had home correspondence from the end of this year to all next year.  How is he going to cope in high school?  I'm already setting him up to fail and that's what I don't want,” says Paul.

This issue is before the Ministry of Education and is currently being investigated, but for Mr Paul and his son, the only option at the moment is to stay home.