Reuben Taipari resorts to foul language for dumped pig carcass

By Heeni Brown
  • Northland

Māori activist and environmentalist Reuben Taipari is using social media to find the person who dumped an animal carcass, rubbish and shellfish in a fresh Far North waterway.

In a public Facebook video Taipari says "I catch you c**ts, I'm gonna f**k yous up. You mother f***ers."

The video shows Taipari using foul language to find the perpetrator who dropped a full pig carcass along with other waste into the Ngā Karoro stream near Ahipara.

He says, "Mother f***ers like you f*** me off you wonder why I get f***en wild and f***en c**ts like you come over in my f***en awa (river) and do s**t like this!"

Te Kāea spoke to Taipari about the post and believes the waste has been in the river below his home since Labour weekend.

He says, "No matter which river or lake you come from it was a message to everyone who can relate to this. It's not just an Ahipara issue alone and that's why I started swearing. I do apologise to my elders for the way I said it but that's how hurt I was."

In 2013, Taipari contested the Far North mayoralty and in 2014 organised a Hīkoi in protest against Norwegian company Statoil who were granted an exploration licence for the area of Te Reinga Basin-Northland despite opposition from local iwi.