Rescue efforts continue in Kaikoura

By Taroi Black
  • South Island

Support crews continue to assist people from Kaikoura, with roughly three helicopters flying into the town every hour, bringing supplies from Christchurch. 

Emergency Services say, mothers with babies and elderly continue to be the priority. 

Tourists in the area are also worried about the uncertainty. Some are in for a long wait before they can leave Kaikoura. 

Outside Takahanga Marae in Kaikoura, tourists were cueing up in the hundreds waiting to find out when they'll be able to leave the quake-affected town. 

Kaikoura Mayor Winston Gray told Te Kaea there could possibly be a convoy to take families and tourists out of the town this Saturday but nothing is certain until a full assessment is conducted on Inland Rd.  

Some tourists were upset by the news and are wanting to leave now. Others say they've been looked after 'tremendously' by the local Takahanga Marae.

The local Marae has also welcomed other local restaurant chefs to help feed people who are desperately waiting for answers. Despite those who are leaving, many other local families are happy to stay back and help rebuild their town. 

Local resident Alisha Sullivan told Te Kaea she worries that businesses in Kaikoura could plummet this summer during the peak season.

'I don't want to see our town go through this and if this happens I'll have to leave because I have a daughter to look after,' she says.