Report released on Britomart brawl

By Heeni Brown
  • Auckland

Auckland Transport are calling for a stronger police presence at Britomart Transport Centre after a brawl at the hub last year. But two teenagers who were involved in the December fight say it won't stop the fighting.

Shane Perham and his friend claim to have been part of last month's brawl at Britomart.

Perham says, “You know they were walking past and they were getting smart. You know you'll retaliate to it and you don't want no trouble and end up getting stopped. Next minute rubbish bins getting thrown over and I feel sorry for the parents and the kids because they're standing in the back and trying to come through.”

Auckland Transport has just released their incident report into a brawl involving 100 people at Britomart on Dec 13.

Mark Lambert from Auckland transport says, “One of the major things we've requested is additional police presence at Britomart for major events in the city and police were pleased with the response and got additional presence at Britomart.”

Despite the new recommendation being put forward, these two have little faith that anything is going to change.

Perham says, “It's going to help the situation a little bit under control, it's never gonna stop, ever.”

According to Auckland Transport, around 15,000 people come through Britomart on a daily basis.

For the rest of the railway system, the number is around 40,000 people.

When it comes to the big events like Christmas in the Park, an All Blacks test or a concert, crowds can sometimes fill Britomart station to capacity.

Auckland Transport consider this Saturday as the next "big event" with the Black Caps playing Sri Lanka at Eden Park.

It's there that Auckland Transport's new recommendations will be implemented.