Renowned Māori figure Whirimako Black says bullying must stop

By Te Kāea
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Bullying must stop says Māori singer and artist Whirimako Black.  This comes after her daughter Mihi Ki Te Kapua was constantly bullied by a group of girls at Whakatāne Intermediate.

Whirimako Black has spoken out on social media and met with the school today to safeguard a better future for her daughter and others who are being bullied.

Ms Black's daughter is gentle and sweet.  It's hard to think Mihi ki te Kapua was bullied by a group of girls at Whakatāne Intermediate school.

“They told her that they will get in contact with the families and we'll be placed in a room and discuss this painful matter,” Black explains.

The whole story became public when Whirimako stressed her concern on facebook.

In her post she said ‘nearly every day she's called fat and ugly and recently punched in the face.  She was afraid to tell me because the bullies might really gang up on her.'

The principal was shocked to hear the news.

“We were unaware that this was happening and we can't do anything unless bullying is reported,” says Principal Doug McLean.

However Black says, “They weren't aware but the teacher knew but the message wasn't passed on.”

This is a matter that happens in all schools and it’s much easier now for every child to stress the matters on social media and that is when the bullying also occurs.

“I get very concerned that children of this age can go on facebook.  I don't think they should go on facebook until they are 14 but in this case most of it has been cyber bullying,” says Doug McLean

“You're destroying the child's innocence.  We've all been through it but this generation is a lot different,” says Ms Black.

Whirimako has always nurtured her daughter through love and care like her songs, there are messages in it.

Ms Black says, “They lose their self-esteem.  Some even want to take their lives.  I don't want that for my daughter, what parent would want something like that for their child?”

Whirimako's daughter will continue to move onward and upwards.