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Radio Hauraki fine tunes pronunciation

By Talisa Kupenga
  • Auckland

NZME has stayed true to its word and from now on listeners can expect to hear the correct pronunciation of station name Radio Hauraki. Pare Hauraki spokesman Korohere Ngāpō says the iwi is pleased about the change and commends the station for taking this significant step.

After 50-years of incorrect pronunciation, it is a sweet sound for the people of Pare Hauraki to hear.

Pare Hauraki spokesman Korohere Ngāpō says "I commend them for the effort and work they put into correcting the pronunciation of the word Hauraki."

In July a former NZME employee publicly accused management of directing staff to intentionally miss-pronounce the station name for brand purposes. NZME management disputed these accusations.

"I understand this has not been an easy change for them”, Ngāpō says.
“Firstly because there are few Māori speaking workers there and secondly, it has been pronounced incorrectly for so long it became normal."

NZME Group Director Dean Buchancan says "We feel it’s more than time to adopt the official pronunciation of Hauraki and the change was made yesterday to mark the 50th Anniversary".

Ngāpō says "the main thing is their dedication and effort and the people of Pare Hauraki respect that."

He says this is a great start and in time he looks forward to hearing the correct pronunciation of the Māori language across the radio spectrum.

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