Topic: Waitangi

Protesters in Waitangi voice concerns over deep sea oil exploration

By Harata Brown
  • Northland

Set in their stride, the protesters voiced their concerns about deep sea oil exploration scheduled to reach the Te Reinga Basin.

While the protesters were waiting to be welcomed onto Te Tii Marae, Waitangi, the matriarch of the Harawira family, Titewhai Harawira also voiced her views on the issue.

"You know what, if your sitting and making submissions to parliamentary committee, that's a protest. So why are we hyped up about protest."

The Government has granted a 15 year permit to Norwegian Company, Statoil, to explore the Te Reinga Basin for oil.

But Joel Bristow, spokesman from Te Hikutu says there are alternative avenues to create economical wealth for the nation.

Te Tii Marae did not welcome the protesters into the ancestral house of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the organiser of the hikoi made his grievance known when the Prime Minister was welcomed to enter.

While speeches were under way in the marae, the Prime Minister invited Joel Bristow to Wellington, to discuss the exploration issues, and if the John Key is proven wrong, he says he will be willing to make changes.