Topic: Indigenous

Protest rallies set to kick off against the closure of Aboriginal communities

By Aroha Treacher, Maiki Sherman
  • Australia

Protest rallies are taking place across New Zealand and Australia today over the forced closure of remote Aboriginal communities.

Māori Party Co-leader, Marama Fox, is taking part in a rally in Melbourne which she has labelled a "catalyst for change".

Meanwhile, MANA leader Hone Harawira Blais expected to take part in a Wellington rally around midday as a guest speaker.

A spokesperson for the Wellington rally, Teanau Tuiono, says the struggle of the aboriginal people is to protect their way of life. "These are human rights. We want to send the Australian Government a strong message from Māori and New Zealand that forcing them off their lands is unacceptable," he said.

Federal funding will end mid-year for municipal services in about 150 remote communities including rubbish collection and some water and electricity supplies.

Te Kāea political reporter Maiki Sherman will be following the Wellington rally, while Hawkes Bay reporter Aroha Treacher will cover the Napier rally. Both stories will air live on Te Kāea at 5.30pm, with a repeated version at 7pm.

You can follow @MaikiSherman and @Aroha_Treacher on Twitter for live updates. #SOSBlakAustralia is the official hashtag for all events happening today.