Police working with CYF and family of intoxicated boy

  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Police say they have met with the mother of the young boy who was filmed intoxicated in a Skate Park in Hamilton.

In a statement City Area Commander, Inspector Greg Nicholls, says Police attended the Fairfield Park Skate-bowl on Clarkin Rd after calls from a concerned person to the 111 call centre.

He says, "The mother, who with her son met with me, told the attending officer she thought the boy was across the road playing and she wasn't aware he was elsewhere, being put at risk by persons providing him alcohol."

In the interview the boy told Police he had consumed eight cans of premix 7% bourbon and cola and two liquer shots.

Inspector Nicholls has warned those responsible for supplying the liquor,  "Not only is giving a child alcohol illegal it has the potential to be significantly harmful to his health and the people concerned should be aware that the new alcohol legislation introduced late last year gives the Police a raft of sanctions from issuing a warning through to an infringement notice and taking court action.”

Police say the boys mother is "understandably upset" and they are working very closely with Child Youth and Family to ensure the boy gets the appropriate care he needs and the family are given whatever support is required.

Mr Nicholls said Police are currently seeking the cooperation of Google to assist in removing the clip from You Tube.

While the matter is of grave concern to all the agencies involved, Mr Nicholls said there was one small positive that showed Hamilton is a caring and concerned community.

 "As soon as the footage was uploaded to You Tube several calls were placed by concerned members of the public to the 111 call centre and a number of other people contacted the local Police Station to make sure we are aware of the situation which we are grateful for."

Te Kāea reporter Amomai Pihama is in Hamilton today and will have more details on Te Kāea tonight at 5:30 and 7:00pm with subtitles.