Police target gangs in Kaikohe

updated By Dean Nathan, Heeni Brown
  • Northland

Police and the residents of Kaikohe have had enough of gangs in the area according to Northland Police Inspector Al Symonds.

Symonds says “The people of Kaikohe deserve a lot better than this.”

Yesterday police arrested seven people in Kaikohe while carrying out an operation to target gangs in the town.

The operation comes after a confrontation took place between rival gangs in the town on Saturday.

Police say “The brawl occurred in front of members of the public including children, some of whom were distressed at what they were witnessing.”

“The incident lasted about 12 minutes and was captured by security cameras.”

Around 30 police from across Northland carried out search warrants.

Police say “Twelve addresses were searched and those arrested ranged in age from teenagers to people in their mid-30s.”

“They will be facing charges of rioting, possession of offensive weapons and some will be facing a charge of participation in an organised criminal group.”

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