Performers in preparation for Te Arawa Kapa Haka Regional competition

By Heeni Brown
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Te Puia hosts 400,000 people a year, its one place where tourists are given a window into the traditional Māori culture. It is there you'll find a Māori concert where many of its performers are preparing for the Te Arawa Regional Kapa Haka Competition.

For the majority of kapa haka performers in Te Arawa, kapa haka is their staple all day, every day.

Four performers from this concert alone are getting reading for the Te Arawa regionals.

And while everyone is either related or friends on this stage, come Saturday they'll become competitive rivals. Something they have all become familiarly used to in years gone by.

Te Puia run four to eight concerts daily, and you'd think that someone would leak their group's moves, but team secret trademarks still remain hidden. Clearly stating that Te Arawa means business when it comes to their kapa haka regionals.