Topic: Parekura Horomia

Parekura Horomia taken home to Uawa

  • North Island: East Coast

Heavy rain didn't deter the numbers from turning out and a large haka was performed as he was taken onto Hauiti Marae this morning.

Tears flowed as Parekura Horomia's body was returned home to Hauiti Marae.

Despite the hard rain, people from all over the country made their way to Tolaga Bay to pay their respects to a friend or family member.

As groups made their way onto the marae, many more would appear and wait to do the same.

In order to feed the masses, many people are working hard behind the scenes.

With the knowledge that this will be a very big funeral, there are huge amounts of food being organised.

The people of the East Coast pride themselves on hospitality, and that was evident today.

Workers have a huge week ahead as plenty more are expected throughout week.