Pairing wealth with providers to combat housing problem

By Heeni Brown
  • Auckland

Community Housing Aotearoa and Philanthropy New Zealand are looking at finding urgent solutions to build more homes for those in need.

At the Social Investment in Community Housing conference Philanthropy New Zealand CEO Liz Gibbs says "We believe by bringing our members together, the people with the money and the people with the social housing initiatives that maybe the way to kick start this process."

Community Housing Aotearoa are aiming to provide homes for 50,000 people by 2020 and in an attempt to reach the target they've joined forces with Philanthropy New Zealand.

Community Housing Aotearoa CEO Scott Figenshow says "If we're going to up the production from the community housing sector from around 200 homes a year to 1000 homes a year we need to be able to access around $300 million a year of equity and then that equity would enable community housing providers to take on an equivalent amount of debt that could be reserviced around repayments through rental and sale cashflow."

One in one hundred Kiwis are homeless and a recent Otago University study shows there are 41,000 people living in substandard housing here in New Zealand.

Philanthropy New Zealand's Liz Gibbs says "The purpose is to get a really clear blueprint on what we need to do to create more social and affordable housing for the communities that need it most."

Tomorrow an announcement will be made on how to solve Auckland's housing crisis.