Topic: Housing

Outrage as PM arrives at housing development launch

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

There were scenes of outrage as Prime Minister John Key arrived in the Hawke's Bay suburb of Maraenui today, launching the new housing development of state housing in the area, but it was a scene that nearly left the Prime Minister quite literally with egg on his face.

The farewell the Prime Minister got as he left the opening of the housing development in Maraenui was not a favourable one.

Protesters took the opportunity to voice their concerns about state housing in the area.

There are around 69,000 state home across the country and the few new two-bedroom houses are just the start of the government's housing development plan.

While the new homes have a 6 star rating and all the conveniences of modern living, locals say many of their families still aren't being housed.

However it was a different atmosphere inside the complex, with those who were thankful their family members are able to live in modern and warm living quarters showing their gratitude.

A quick back-door exit for the PM and his entourage quickly backfired as the crowd fired up, as they quickly drove away leaving an upset community still searching for answers.

Protestors hurled eggs only just missing Mr Key and his mates as they drove away leaving an upset community behind them, who are still searching for answers.