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One hour to evacuate Goose Bay

By Peata Melbourne
  • South Island

Kaikōura's Goose Bay residents were given an hour to evacuate after Civil Defence found a large slip that could cause a flood downstream.

"We've had four days of this and this is just another thing, another curve ball" says Pāua Recovery Rescue Crew leader Mike Vincent.

35 residents were asked to relocate by poilce last evening following the discovery that there was a blockage towards the top of Makura stream. However not all residents welcomed the directive by police with open arms.

"Somebody argued about the size, the police got nasty and said right that's it - it's mandatory now you've got to get outta here - up top as well" says one resident. 

Another Goose Bay local says,"We were just going to sleep in our boat up top but then they decided no - the whole of Goose Bay - even the ones up the top. I mean the waters not going to get up there anyway."

Murray Campbell who was packing up his gears to relocate told Te Kāea, "These guys (police) are just doing their job, it's no good fighting them and carrying on like some people wanna do so just go with the flow."

Police on the scene would not give comment to Te Kāea on the situation.