NZ's top league and netball athletes play HORSE

  • Auckland

New Zealand's top league and netball athletes took up a challenge out of their comfort zones today.

The Mystics and the Warriors played a game of H-O-R-S-E in the lead-up to the NRL's Women in League round.

These athletes pulled out all their tricks in an effort to show up their opponents for the pride of their codes.

It was rugby league vs netball.

Konrad Hurrell says, “It's always cool to do something like that with other athletes specially the Mystics.”

Basketball was the judge. Rugby skills were also present.

Beaudene Thompson says, “There was a bit of a lineout in there. A few of the boys are watching a bit of union lately. No control on the way down.”

Kayla Cullen says, “We do do a similar move in netball called the lift, we usually lift our goal D.”

While it was about fun and games, Konrad Hurrell had other things on his mind.

“Looking for a girlfriend,” says Hurrell.

His team came out on top, but unfortunately though for Konrad, he still came away single.