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NZFW - FULL Miromoda Fashion Show

By Te Kāea
  • Auckland

The Miromoda Fashion Showcase, now in its sixth year, was in the spotlight on the final day of NZ Fashion Week.  

Having debuted in 2009, Miromoda was formed in 2008 and was instituted to advance the quality status of Māori fashion design and raise its artistic and professional standards.

Miromoda is now a globally-recognised brand known for its uniqueness and intrigue, and is a platform for design concepts inspired by indigenous stories.

In its largest number to date, 12 emerging and established Māori designers were featured today.

Congratulations to:

Kylie Mangan, Established Designer (Queensland, Australia)

Amber Whitecliffe, Established Designer (Auckland)

Hohepa Thompson, Established Designer (Australia)

Sofia Aroha, Avant Garde (Wellington)

Sharmaine Moke, Emerging Designer (Auckland)

Tasmyn Roach, Emerging Designer (Tauranga)

Massey Williams, Emerging Designer (Christchurch)

Adrienne Whitewood, Established Designer (Rotorua)

Kharl Wirepa, Emerging Designer (Rotorua)

Mitchell Vincent, Emerging Designer (Hamilton)

Pia Naera, Established Designer (Auckland)

Marie MacLean, Avant Garde (Copenhagen)

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