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Northland seat candidates last bid to win over votes

By Maiki Sherman
  • Northland

In the battle for the Northland seat, words of flattery and promises were flying thick and fast from the candidates and campaigners one day out from the by-election.

This was the final day of opportunity that candidates have to win over the voters and we've all seen and heard that from Mark Osbourne and the Prime Minister John Key, it's truly going to be a tough battle for National in the biggest by-election to date.

It's certainly not looking pretty for National in Northland, so John Key had to put on the hat and garner up the votes.

He says the fruits of the by-election are still up in the air.

Both sides are certainly fighting to the bitter end.  Both sides were critical of the promises made to Northland.

For voters, making good on those promises is what's important.

John Key says it isn't that National has failed Northland but that Peters has gained support.

Labour certainly still has support in the North.

That's good news for Winston Peters.

The campaigning certainly won't be over until the sun goes down on the final day.