Northland Police urge drivers to remain vigilant

By Talisa Kupenga
  • Northland

The families of the five people whose lives have been claimed by New Zealand roads are having Christmas without their loved ones and with a regional road toll ten more than this time last year Northland Police are urging drivers to remain vigilant. 

Northland Police are frustrated the region's road toll has claimed more lives than this time last year.

Inspector Chris McLellan says, "We've had three fatalities here in the last couple of days here in Northland and throughout the year we've had a number of others and that has an impact on the whole community, not just emergency services.”

The holiday period is off to a tragic start claiming five lives between Northland and Christchurch since the official holiday road toll began 4pm Friday.

"In Northland, we have had an unacceptable number of fatalities and losses on our road, but nationally this year we've had more national fatalities on our road yearly since 2010."

This year's road toll sits at 375, 48 more than this time last year and the worst road toll since 2010.

He says, "We're really encouraging people to watch their speed drive to conditions, to not be distracted by children in the back or using your cell phone and also to just make sure not to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs."

The holiday road toll ends 6 pm January 3.