Northland emergency services still responding to storm aftermath

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

Emergency services were out today ensuring sewage didn't get into the water supply and create an outbreak of sickness.

Kawakawa Fire Service Officer, Annette Wynyard says, "It's a real issue here with the council lining the streets with port-a-loos to assist the families, and they're also bringing in skips to cart away all the rubbish from their homes."

The district water supply took a hammering over the weekend with the public suspected of stockpiling their own supplies of drinking water.

Many areas in this region remain under water, but it's not only farmers who've felt the brunt of the storm.

The public is now waiting to see what assistance and support central Govt are going to provide to Northland. 

Civil Defence are going through a process of valuing the damage caused to the region from Auckland to North Cape, while emergency services are still responding to the aftermath of the storm.