Northland by-election candidates encourage voter participation

By Native Affairs
  • Northland

Two of the candidates contesting the Northland General seat in the upcoming by-election say while the seat is a general one, everyone living within the region is faced with similar issues. However Māori in the region in particular need more focus and stronger representation.

Labour candidate, Willow Jean Prime and Mana candidate Reuben Porter joined Native Affairs last night to discuss the campaign and their goals in the electorate.

Willow Jean Prime says the major issues in the area she wants to focus on are unemployment, infrastructure, roading and vibrant communities.

Reuben Porter who is also standing for the seat for the Mana party says his focus will be on ensuring Māori in rural communities get some focus and assistance; he also wants to address issues of foreign control, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and understanding in general seats of the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi.

A key point both candidates strongly agreed upon was the importance of people participating in the voting process and having their say.

While both candidates maintained confidence, according to polls there are two leading contenders in the region, National’s Mark Osborne and New Zealand First’s, Winston Peters.

The by-election for the Northland general seat will take place on the 28th of March and numbers are already showing a high number of early votes and an increase of people registering on the general role n the area.